Modified Design Packages
Garden Design Drawings

Paesaggio landscape architecture offers a Modified Design Package that bridges the gap between designer, owner, and contractor, fulfilling a need in the market for residential homeowners and landscape contractor’s to get quality design at an affordable price. Our experience in both designing and constructing landscapes ensures the ability to produce drawing sets with just the right amount of information for the home owner and contractor to build a garden that fits the design budget. The following web pages provide examples of what Modified Design Packages typically consist of; however, packages are tailored to fit the owner’s needs and budget. The collaborative process yields a product that assists the contractor in interpretation and implementation of design through drawings and facilitates delivery of a garden or single garden element that is true to the owner's vision. Take a look at the following pages to view a product that takes homeowners from imagining to enacting their desired landscape by offering 3-D drawings, well proportioned garden elements, a garden in scale with its surrounding context, a planting plan, and select materials and colors providing a group of harmonious materials that will enhance the space and the users who experience that space.